First, I'll connect a speaker. In this case it's one of the Bose 201s on my workbench.

Then the tuner output cable is connected to the amplifier.

Then the power connector is plugged into the Tuner.

Success! Selecting FM and with the volume about a quarter turn up I quickly tuned in KUHF and other local stations all the way down the dial..
The tone controls both work well and the sound is great! Switching to AM, I was able to tune in even
the weaker stations. A quick test of the Phono and Auxiliary inputs showed them to be working as expected.

The Tuning Eye responds well when tuning in a station. An external antenna for AM and FM will improve
the response of the Eye tube as well as pull in more stations. This was an easier than average repair which speaks
well of the quality of the design and parts selection by Westinghouse. Most vintage tube equipment can be be brought
back to life by replacing the old technology capacitors. This Hi-Fi is now ready for many more years of reliable use.