This restoration took about 8-9 days total time to complete.
With the total cost being quite high, the profit potential is
small but that is not the primary motivation for doing all this work.
Radios were a centerpiece of most living rooms before television and
Zenith cabinets are unbeatable for their style. The sound of a tube
radio is unique and the large speakers and wood cabinets enhance the
depth of the sound. All these factors combine to make preservation of
these sets a worthwhile task. With a few dollars worth of parts, they
can bring enjoyment to another owner for years to come.

None of this would be possible without others in the hobby who
have taken the time to make restoration parts available. Thanks to:
Ed Schutz at Renovated Radios
Radio Daze
Mark Palmquist at Retro Radio Repair
Adams Manufacturing
The Internet is a great resource for information on restoring old electronic equipment.
I have learned a lot by reading and participating in the forums at: Antique Radio Forums
and from other sites like: Phil's Old Radios
and from meeting others in:
Houston Vintage Radio Association
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