Before powering up after the repairs, I'll test the tubes. The tuning eye tube gets
checked on my Hickok 600, since it is an older 6 pin tube that my newer testers can't check.
The phosphor display is nice and bright and the triode section tests good.

All the rest get checked on the B and K 550. Every one of the tubes tests like new. A common misconception
about vacuum tubes is that they go bad quickly and often. Most types last a long time when operated within
their design limits, and since they are under vacuum, they rarely deteriorate in long-term storage. They are also
quite tough: they can survive an assembly/wiring mistake that would instantly destroy a silicon chip. Many people also
mistakenly believe that they are rare and hard to find. Tubes were made for so long that there are thousands of them
around and most can be had for reasonable prices. Factories in Russia and eastern Europe are still producing tubes,
which are preferred by many musicians. Some very old tubes are rarer and the more popular
New Old stock audio tubes can be pricey but still readily available.